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Çeşme, Ovacık Mahallesi, Çeşme/İzmir, Turkey

Good day friends. I temporarily live in the Turkish city of Chesme, which is located on the Aegean coast, 80 km from Izmir. Chesme consists of 3 districts - Alacati, Ilisi and, in fact, the center - Cesme. Alacati is famous for its ancient streets surrounded by houses with red roofs. Here you can walk along the cobbled pavement, drink wine in one of the many cafes, and try both national and European cuisine. The beaches of Alacati are famous for their beauty, there is always a breeze here, so this is a great place for surfers and lovers of sailing. Ylidzha is located 30 minutes from Alacati. This area is famous for its beautiful beaches, thermal natural springs, magnificent hotels such as Sheraton, Ylydzha, Altyn Yunus. And, actually, Chesme, the city center. Here you can see an ancient fortress and a museum dedicated to the Russian-Turkish war for this city.

What can I offer you? Hiking in Alacati, Scandinavian walking in Ylydzhe, I will help you to get acquainted with the sights and beauty of our town. You can do sports in one of the hotels. Also, if there is an event, I will organize a visit to a Turkish wedding, I will help with the choice of a hotel, I will answer all your questions.

Chesme Walks Çeşme, Ovacık Mahallesi, Çeşme/İzmir, Turkey - 183580ac-7514-420c-a5fc-cb78187ecf4d
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Я живу в турецком городе Чешме (Алачаты). Чешме - древний город на берегу Эгейского моря. Он делится на 3 района - Алачаты, Ылыджа и собственно центр Чешме. Алачаты славится своими древними улочками с брусчатой мостовой, белыми домиками с красными крышами, здесь можно также посидеть в кафе, выпит...

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