Recommendations for the design of the event

All events are created on a single template. The creation process includes such items as: text descriptions, settings and booking options, photos, and more. Publications are displayed in the general list on the event search page and are ranked according to an internal algorithm.

The following recommendations on the design of the event will help to stand out among other publications, to interest travelers to choose you, in addition, following these tips will increase the chances of publishing and promoting your events in our social networks.

We remind you that all interactions with the service occur at no cost. It also means that paid sharing of profiles in social networks is not possible.

What you should pay attention to:

Event page

Within one event, you can publish only one tour (one excursion). It is forbidden to use the publication as an advertisement providing “a wide range of tours and services".

Title and Description. To stand out brightly in the general search tape, you need to come up with an intriguing headline. We welcome the beautiful and mysterious names of attractions. However, the title should not be different from the content of the publication, the “yellow” and deceptive headlines are bad. In the event description, we recommend that you specify a detailed program and describe the places you visit. It would not be superfluous to tell interesting facts about this place.

Geolocation. Do not forget to indicate on the map the venue of the event. This additional information for travelers will help you navigate the terrain, as well as provide an opportunity to plan time. You can specify the exact address in the input line of geolocation by selecting from the list of suggestions, or move the point on the map yourself to the place you need.

Photo. Try to give the selection of photos for publication enough attention to the image of the event was concise and full. The title photo is displayed on the search card and on the event page in the full width of the header. It is not forbidden to process photos in the editor to add exclusivity and richness to the image.

Is forbidden:

  • - Place inscriptions on the photo, such as contacts of the organizers or a list of places to visit (the exception is the signature or logo of the author's photo, located in one of the corners of the image)
  • - Upload photos with a resolution of less than 1200 pixels wide
  • - Upload your portrait as a main photo (and nothing more)
  • - Upload “bad” photos. Implied are turbid, blurred, illuminated, and similar images.

Organizer profile

Profile for the organizer is his business card. It displays all available information about the user, his events and travel reviews with him.

Profile Avatar - Perhaps the first thing that a tourist pays attention to when choosing a trip. Upload your photo where you can see your face. Events with profiles without avatars can create the impression of unfair attitude of the organizer in their work.

Don't forget to fill in the description “About myself” - tell about yourself in several paragraphs. So travelers will learn more about your professionalism and will be able to get acquainted with your personality in advance.

If you have license - do not forget to download it in your profile settings by activating the tick “I am a licensed guide”.